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The founder of Sri Astro Vastu Mr. Sanjay Agarwal is a very jolly and fun-loving person he likes to party and have fun to the fullest unlike other astrologers he doesn’t believe in negative astrology and spreading positivity is all that he desires. He always quotes “astrology is all about what can happen not what will happen” we have the power to change courses with precaution, spirituality, and a hardworking lifestyle.

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Astrology Reading

Astrology Reading

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Vastu Consultancy

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    ” When we develop a habit of giving, may be it is Joy, Love, Faith, Peace, Passion, Positivity, Creativity, Dreams, Divinity, Enthusiasm, Happiness,Compassion, Fulfilment. Take it for sure it will multiply and bounce back to us. When we become content in life, we gain the power to bless others. This is the law of Nature. “

    Sanjay Agarwal


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