Not Getting A Job? Here Are Best Astrological Remedies For You

Post Date: December 30, 2022

Not Getting A Job? Here Are Best Astrological Remedies For You

Money is our basic necessity and for earning that we need a healthy job and that can be only achieved through hard work. Due to the presence of some planets in the horoscope, You are not getting Good Job or the job is left again and again, these solutions will work.

1) Job Success

According to astrology, the ‘tenth house’ of any person’s horoscope leads his career. What kind of career he will choose, whether it will be successful or not, depends on this sentiment. But in the field of career, the sixth sense of the horoscope is seen especially for the job. Every movement going on in the job is detected from here.

2) Career Or Job Related Measures

But the most important thing is the planet related to career or job … According to astrological results, Shani Dev has a hand in the success or failure of any person’s career. If he is pleased, then the job will be done otherwise troubles will continue.

3) Horoscope According To Astrology

If in those people horoscope if Shani Dev is sitting in an inauspicious place, suffer or is in a weak position, then there can be problems in jobs. Apart from this, if Saturn’s Sade Sati, dhaiya, dasha or antar dasha is going on, such people can face career related problems.

4) Horoscope

Let us explain in detail the reasons for which a person’s job goes on again and again … According to astrology, if any Cruel Planet is transited in the tenth house of a person’s horoscope (like Grahan Yoga, Guru- Chandal Yoga etc.), then the person is always worried about his job.

5) Sinful Planets In Horoscope

Such a person gets a job when the sinful planet is quiet for some time, but suddenly he has to wash his hands from the job as soon as Dasha is active. Apart from this, even if Dashmesh sits low in his house, there are problems in the job.

6) Tenth House

Apart from the tenth house, if any Paap Yoga is being formed in the sixth house of the horoscope, if a planet is in a (Neech Rashi) low zodiac, then the person has the problem of missing jobs repeatedly.

7) Planet Of Career In Horoscope

Now if the lord planet of the career is in the (Kendra) middle zodiac or its conjunction with Mars, Ketu or Sun, then even then the person will not be satisfied with his job.

8) Influence Of Saturn

Apart from this, if Saturn is not in its house, it is sitting in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house, then there are obstacles in the job. If any of the reasons mentioned above is visible in your horoscope, then be sure to take the following measures…

9) Astrology Ways To Correct Career

It is true that astrology does not provide a uniform remedy to anyone. According to the position of the planets present in every person’s horoscope, remedies are done, but some basic classical remedies can be done by anyone, because these remedies are associated with God worship.

10) Mantra Sadhana Chanting

If there is any problem in the job, then one should chant Shani’s mantra “Om Sham Shanaishrai Namah” regularly. Apart from this, once with the advice of an astrologer, find out what is the position of Saturn in the horoscope, if the Sade Sati, dhaiya or antar dasha is going on then do not delay in taking remedies.

11) Astrological Remdies & Solutions

You can discuss with our expert Astrologers and get all remedies and solutions to overcome your problems.